NorthShore Premium, 17 x 24, 8 oz., Changing Pads, Small, Pack/25

Premium quality baby changing pad provides an ideal sanitary barrier to use beneath your infant while changing diapers or clothing at home or away. Sized perfectly to fit on most changing tables, this protector also folds up easily to fit inside purse or diaper bag to be available anytime a change is needed. Parents do not want to lay their child down on dirty furniture or floors while at restaurants or other public places and they want to protect their furniture at home from accidents while changing diapers. This premium changing pad is versatile and will provide peace of mind to any parent when changing their loved one. Features a soft, quick-drying topsheet which allows moisture to quickly enter the cotton-fluff absorbent lining. The diamond embossed pattern pressed into the lining allows moisture to quickly wick away from the top and away from the child. The absorbent lining is also ideal for assisting with cleaning up those annoying accidents that seem to always occur as soon as the diaper is removed. The blue plastic backsheet is waterproof to prevent leaks and the perimeter of the changing pad is sealed so quick moving spills will not be able to escape. Conveniently packaged in bags containing 25 pads, you will always have one available when a change is needed. The baby-fresh scent is light and pleasing to both baby and adults. Pads are latex-free. Dispose in waste receptacle along with soiled diaper. DO NOT FLUSH. Made in the U.S.A. Do not leave child unattended with this product.
Dimensions: 330 x 850 x 1270
Size: Pack/25
Color: Blue, 17x24, 8 oz.
Package quantity: 1

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