Tommy Tickle Soft Sole-Baseball Navy-Small

Babies are born with soft bones that harden over time. Parents need to ensure their children's feet have enough space and the appropriate support to grow naturally. Mother Nature had it right; bare-feet are best when little feet are growing. However, that's not always practical in today's world. Tommy Tickle is the next best thing. Supporting what nature intended, Tommy Tickle lets feet develop free from restriction, while protecting them in the softest, most flexible leather that moves and breathes naturally. We work with podiatrists, pediatricians and foot development specialists to create the right shoes and Tommy Tickle is one of the few brands endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Soft Soles are for growing feet. They are safe; environmentally and child friendly wtih water based colors. They have an elastic support system which makes them easy to put on and stay on. They are 100% natural leather; they mould to babies feet, allows natural foot development and absorbs moisture to keep feet cool in summer and warm in winter. They also have a genuine suede anti-slip sole which is ideal for early crawling, cruising and walking and are comfortale on 'little feet.'
Dimensions: 190 x 560 x 590
Size: Small
Color: Navy

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