Music and Colorful Lights Soft Activity Ball Baby toddler Infant Teether Rattles Teething Goodway Bed Bells Toy, Blue

UPGRADE BABY'S COMPREHENSIVE ABILITY1.TACTILE TRAINING: when the ball is rolling, the bright colors and bright lights will stimulate baby movement desire to exercise baby's crawling ability. 2.HANDS AND EYES COORDINATION: By touching the ball with fingers, it can train baby's hands and eyes to be coordinative. 3.HEARING TRAINING: baby will identify where the ball is by hearing the sound of rolling. It can prompt baby's hearing development. 4.VISION TRAINING: bright colors and colorful lights from the fitness ball will stimulate baby's vision, to inspire baby's visual development. 5.TEETH DEVELOPMENT: teether can be bitten, which prompt baby's teeth development.
Dimensions: 420 x 420 x 420
Color: Green
Package quantity: 1

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