Litzpy Special Unique 8 Piece Teething Rattle Set in Beautiful Packaging - Great Baby Gift Idea

This rattle set is ideal for babies and grabs their attention at once. It keeps them engaged and happy, and there are numerous soft chewable areas to help in their teething. Made of high quality ABS plastic and BPA free material, this multicolor set is non-toxic and safe for babies. It contains 8 alluring rattling toys babies will find interesting and love playing with them. The eight exciting toy pieces differ in their color combinations, design, moving parts and sound producing characteristics. Babies will love to experiment with them in their own playful way and get delighted trying out each one of them. It will also help them to coordinate with their hands, eyes and brain in an effective manner and improve upon their recognizing ability and identifying power.
Dimensions: 250 x 1190 x 1760

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