Litzpy's Mega 12 Piece Baby Rattle Set Bright and Colorful - Great Baby Gift Idea

This mega rattle set provides everlasting fun to babies with its attractive, colorful and handy items. Each of the toys in the set has a distinct functionality for producing the rattle sound, and babies will love exploring the way each item works and rattles. Distinctive shape, size, color and functionality of the toys help babies to improve upon their recognizing power and develop their perception skills. It also helps babies to attain a better coordination of their brain, arms and other body parts. Made of high quality and non-toxic material these toys are safe and harmless. Babies are immediately attracted by the cute shapes and colorful appearance of the toys. The endearing animal shapes and other engaging characters help babies to befriend these toy figures and frame their own world of joy and happiness
Dimensions: 390 x 790 x 1180

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