Magnetic Baby Safety Locks for Cabinets & Drawers - Baby Proof & Easy Install - No Screws or Drilling - 8+2 Set

Keep Your Bundle of Joy Safe and Sound A crawling baby is a joy to watch - nothing stops or slows them down while they are feeling their way around in the big, bad world! However, with this milestone in your baby's life and the toddler stage not too far off, comes the extra precautionary measures that need to be implemented by baby proofing your home. The Purple Safety Lock comprises 8 locks and a single magnetic key that can open all of them - there is absolutely no need to hire someone to set them up as they are very easy to install, nor do you have to do any drilling or buy screws to secure them. The best part is that they can be installed almost anywhere - in the bathroom, kitchen, under the sink, on drawers, laundry room cabinet doors, etc. Not only do these locks require no tools, but they also maintain the aesthetic appeal of the furniture. The Purple Safety system is an invisible lock on the outside to ensure your baby's safety by preventing them from accidentally crawling or toddling cabinet doors or kitchen drawers and bumping their heads or getting their hands on a dangerous object. An added benefit is after you take down the childproof locks, they leave no marks or scratches on your furniture! We include written instructions along with a video tutorial so you can set up the system without difficulty. With reasonable pricing and fast delivery, this is one of the most practical and smart investments for your baby.
Dimensions: 170 x 540 x 830
Package quantity: 10

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