YOOFOSS Baby Safety Magnetic Cabinet Locks - No Tools Or Screws Needed - 8 Locks + 2 Key

YOOFOSS Baby Safety Magnetic Cabinet Locks can prevent children from pinching fingers . This design is sample and with super strong magnetic locking system. Application: To secure the wardrobe, drawer, cabinet, cupboard that is without locks, avoiding babies open them and get access to the medicine, knives fragile items and other dangerous objects inside.Installation : 1.Carefully peel off release paper from the catcher's backing tape, DO NOT touch the adhesive. 2. Fix the position of the catcher to meet the distance of the lock. Make sure the catcher and the drawer / cabinet door side edge in the same line. 3. Carefullu peel off release paper from the lock, DO NOT touch the adhesive. 4. Close the drawer / cabinet door, and open it again, then adhesive lock still stick on the cabinet door automatically, and please press the lock for 10 seconds to fix it firmly. 5. Remove the installation cradle fixture, thereafter press the catcher for 10 seconds to stick firmly. 6. Turn on the lock button then the lock spring bolt will work. 7. When the cabinet door closed with magnetic lock, use the magnetic key to open it.Caution: 1. Clean and dry the position to stick the lock and catcher, DO NOT touch the adhesive part. 2. DO NOT use the magnetic lock in 24 hours after installation. 3.Magnetic lock works in house between -10℃ to 40℃.Reminder: 1. There is NO subsititute for proper adult supervision. This product is only a deterrent, discontinue use then the child is able to open it. 2.This product is NOT a toy, DO NOT let children play with it.Package Include: 8 X Lock Catchers 8 X Magnetic Locks 1 X Installation Cradle Fixture 2 X Magnetic Keys 2 X Magnetic Key Holders
Dimensions: 118 x 941 x 980
Color: Old Version

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