Apple Slicer, Lemon Squeezer, Superb for Peeling and Cutting Fruits/Veggies/Cheese, Multi Utility Grater with 10 Highly Functional Tools by Lazaga

Lazaga Smartest Multi-functional Grater in the Market. Lazaga is the best multi-functional grater in the market. Equipped with 10 different tools, you can do pretty much anything from grating, peeling, slicing, scooping, mashing, squeezing, cutting, and more. This grater is definitely a piece of art, it feels like the designer was inspired by Picasso while making this product. It comes from an engineer mind with first class sense of art. It's unique, and really useful! The rainbow color and flowerpot-like shape will baffle anyone whenever they see this grater in your house. Not only that, with the brilliant design and multi-function tools, it weighs only 1.25lbs. What are you waiting for! Hurry and get this amazing grater packed in front of your door by placing your order while the stock lasts. Package Content: 1 Masher 1 Apple Cutter 1 Avocado Scoop 1 Citrus Cutter 1 Mesh Cutter 1 Lemon Squeezer 1 Bowl 1 Grater 1 Grapefruit Squeezer 5 Picks Specification: Weight: 1.25lbs Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 9.4 inches Materials: Food Grade PP and Stainless Steel Blade Lazaga - All Rights Reserved Related Search: grater, squeezer, peeler, fruit, vegetable, scoop, slice, cut, mesh, ginger, micro, slicer, microplane, juicer, multi, functional, utility, multifunctional, multi-utility, kitchen
Dimensions: 591 x 598 x 669
Color: Red

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