Henry And Bros. Baby Blankets For Boys/Baby Blankets For Girls, Newborn Baby Blanket, Made Of 100% Cotton (Coral Aqua Stripes)

Prepare to pack less when leaving the house with Henry And Bros. ultra light travel blankets. Included is one premium travel blanket in the colors of the rainbow with a reversible yellow and orange gingham check on the back. Ideal for active parents, each soft pre-washed cotton blanket is conveniently sized (39" X 39") and ultra light for pint-sized packing and versatility in a variety of daily activities. Designed for function, two corners have 2" tab-style loops while two corners have safe 6" ties so the blanket is easily hung, secured, tied, and affixed to a objects for sun shielding, drying, covering, and comforting. The beautiful patterns are designed without 'baby' prints or motifs for long-term, everyday use. Made from a unique double-layer cloth cotton design, the blankets have a three-dimensional structure which allows air to flow through an inner chamber of the two blanket sides, thus providing a lofty feel to this light layer as opposed to a two-dimensional flat sheet. This same fabric structure enables breath-ability for babies, quick drying, and light-weight pack-ability. The founder of Henry And Bros. is an American mother of three small boys with a PhD in textiles who designs and manufactures all Henry And Bros. products to be made with premium textiles, functional garment design, and minimal packaging to keep costs low and the environment happy. Only 1 blanket per pack.
Dimensions: 382 x 390 x 598
Color: Coral Aqua Stripes
Package quantity: 3

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