Baby Bibs and Burp Cloths Super Absorbent Cotton, Unisex, Set Of 4 – Gift: A Fork and Spoon.

IT'S YOUR TIME TO GET THE BEST.... A FREE BONUS . - included with your purchase is a cute plastic spoon and fork set, perfect for feeding baby. (NOTE: Do not put in the dishwasher) FACT. - over 1259 stylish moms chose this product - they left us dazzling reviews saying they use it every day... These bibs give you a neat and stylish. way to keep babies' clothes and skin clean and dry when they're going through the "drooling stage" that babies go through. They come in cute and attractive unisex patterns. and are made from two layers of fabric: soft organic cotton on top and super-absorbent terrycloth underneath. These bibs are ready to soak up a baby's dribbles., and they look great and feel soft and comfortable against your baby's skin, too. 236 fashionista moms bought these Cazum-Mc bandana bibs last week. . Fully machine washable., these bibs don't require any special care. Just toss them in the washer and drier and they'll come out in their original shape and softness, ready to go. No more pacifiers falling on the ground or getting lost.... Two of the bibs come with a reinforced hole you can use to attach a tethered pacifier. perfect baby shower gift -. this set of bibs will make a perfect baby shower gift, and one you can be sure will be appreciated by any mother or mother-to-be! DO NOT FORGET. - This limited addition won't be here for a long time - it's your time to get the best. ADD TO CART TODAY. - AND LISTEN TO YOUR HEART - GET ONE TO YOUR FRIEND.
Dimensions: 169 x 819 x 941
Size: larg
Color: Multi Color

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