ACJENY Baby Pillow For Newborn Organic Cotton, Protection for Flat Head Syndrome (Rabbit) (Yellow)

Cute baby pillow with concave center for flat head prevention.Provide head and neck support, help baby to sleep better.Soft and gentle on baby skin, padded for comfort.Use this pillow in baby's car seat, swing, stroller, crib.* NOTE : Washing and management method In the case of cotton, there may be slight shrinkage when washing.Only do hand wash in the warm water of approximately 30 degrees.When using the washer, please use a washing net with the warm water of approximately 40 degrees.Do not boil it. (Because this product did not have chemical finish, washing in high temperatures can shrink it).Please avoid mechanical drying or boiling in the washer. Please use neutral detergent and non-fluorescent detergent.Packing:1piece baby pillow
Dimensions: 98 x 1098 x 1449
Color: Yellow
Package quantity: 1

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